Privy to a Stimulant

Two in One at Our House

The Man I Married replaced our old, constantly-running toilets with sleek, modern, low-water thrones. I no longer wake in the middle of the night to hear the privy filling itself again out of sheer boredom (I used to want one of those meditation fountains for the soothing white noise, but figured the noisy ole crapper would do in a pinch). We are no longer flushing money down the can, and we are helping the planet. However, MIM’s installation has rendered the high-power flush to be more of a startling bidet. Now that’ll wake a tired mother up enough to get the kid to school on time. Next time you visit and take a trip to our powder room, jump up quick!

The Little Monster had oodles of fun playing in the large boxes the new appliances arrived in. Imagine what his counselor said when LM announced, “I spent yesterday playing in the toilet box!”

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