From This...

“Mom!” the Little Monster bellowed as he limped pitifully from the bathroom. “The bottoms of my feet are all bruised, and they really, really hurt!”

I inspected the upraised foot. “That’s just dirt.”

“No, it isn’t! I really, really scrubbed! And they really, really, really hurt!”

...To This

My mom brain searched through its databank. Nobody warned me about this part of mothering, where one must remember minutia in order to head off crises. My brain clicked like one of those slot machines hitting the jackpot. “That’s the dye from your socks that you just tie-dyed.”


“Do your feet still hurt?”

“I guess not.”


2 thoughts on “Hypochondria

  1. LOL – there is so little actually useful mom-wisdom that books can impart. Most of my responses are done on the fly. Sometimes I win, sometimes I make my kids cry.

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