Love Letters

The Man I Married has a habit of finishing food but leaving the empty package in the pantry. He’ll take the last granola bar, for example, but leave the empty box in the cupboard. When he uses ice, he doesn’t refill the tray. When he finishes the cheese, he leaves the zipper-bag in the fridge, tightly sealing the smeary cheese-wrapper.

That's not an empty cracker box!

When I expressed irritation at this habit, he said, “Just think of it as a love letter. Whenever you find an empty, you think of me!”

Should I fall for it?

Didn’t think so.

But I do seem to be more light-hearted about the trail of empties these days. It’s all about perspective.

2 thoughts on “Love Letters

  1. Thanks for tackling a fresh perspective Jen. Most men, including me, are guilty of this behavior and we try to alter it. The good news is that it would be much worse if we were single. That’s no defense, but just be aware that it’s an uphill battle. Our only excuse is that it’s in our jeans.

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