Ode to Socks

The Little Monster loves to express himself with his socks. He wears socks with colorful designs and often wears mismatched socks, for twice the expression. He wears socks decorated with lizards, frogs, peace signs, stars, snowmen, and Chihuahuas. His rock climbing coach Liz also loves fun socks, and she would always ask to see his socks when we arrived; they would each make sure to wear noteworthy socks on the days that he had lessons, each trying to one-up the other on great socks.

But as I wrote in my essay for Salon.com, it also turned out that the Little Monster secretly struggled with athlete’s foot. Once I discovered that LM had Stinky Itchy Feet, which would likely be an ongoing condition, I also learned that polyester socks should be banished. Only 100% cotton socks with no dye should be worn.

R.I.P. Precious Friends

All of his beloved, colorful socks were polyester.

He could never wear them again.

Socks seem insignificant. But to a child who has already lost so much, their absence makes for heavy feet.

And so he must keep them in the golden cage of his sock drawer, as schoolboys keep fireflies, these colorful, nutty, joyful, wild wisps of himself that will never again run free.

Or perhaps he should climb high on a mountain and release them, and watch his wind socks take wing.

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