My favorite journal, Full Grown People, recently published an essay of mine. Click to read.

Dad helped me to identify the make of the car in this photo, mentioned in the essay:

Grandma, Peter, and Lady Lou.

Mochi, introduced in the essay, used to back up between Gumbo’s front legs, as if it were a parking space. They had less than six months as best buddies before Gumbo died.

Mochi and Gumbo, best buddies.

Now Mochi has a new best buddy:


I hope you enjoy the essay; if you do, please consider leaving a Comment or clicking Like on Full Grown People.

Full Grown People also recently ran an essay of mine (click to read) about the time I swam with this guy:


2 thoughts on “Re-Hound

  1. Hi Jennifer! I realize this essay was published some time ago, but I just wanted to tell you how much I loved it. The interweaving of your journey to find a dog and the story of your son is just exquisite. All the best! ~Dakota

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