Yarn Counts!

An Annual Reckoning with a Late-in-Life Obsession

If it’s organized, it’s not hoarding

            Amount of yarn I vowed to acquire in 2020

64           Numbers of skeins I acquired (plus uncounted bags of raw fleece and roving, which don’t count)

10           Number of those skeins given to me, so they don’t really count, do they?

27           Numbers of on-sale skeins I purchased, so they only half count, don’t they?

27           Number of full-price skeins I bought (if it’s a “skein” and not a “ball,” it costs a bundle)

8             Number of skeins I gave away (they were given to me the year before, but the subtraction still counts, like the calories reduced by walking while eating a cookie)

63.5       Number of skeins I used

The cat walked through my felted knitting! (based on Amy B Stitched pattern)

79.5       Number of skeins used if you count unfinished projects

7             Number of projects started but not finished

2             Number of boxes of unfinished projects from previous years

?             Number of projects ripped apart (ask me if I keep track of my weight anymore, either)

9             Number of boxes of yarn acquired pre-2020 (I started knitting in 2017, so 3 boxes per year: square numbers are cool when tracking balls)

17           Finished projects this year (some small, some huge)

5             Number of projects given away (it’s hard to give away knitting projects during a pandemic)

0             Amount of yarn I will acquire in 2021

Snowy owls in the snow (felted mitts, based on KweenBee.com pattern)

2 thoughts on “Yarn Counts!

  1. Ha ha! Zero skeins to be acquired in 2021! As…if. (I socially-distanced-visited a friend last week who knits and heard all about her yarn stash. I bought yarn for her because she wanted to knit me a blanket. How could I possibly turn that offer down? So even though I don’t knit, I bought 5 skeins of yarn in 2020. I hereby invent an algorithm that allows you to subtract those 5 from your tally.)

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