Jennifer D. Munro

Photo Credit: Katie AnthonyThe D is for Dogged.

  • 1st Place, National Society of Newspaper Columnists contest (category: online column, under 100k monthly visitors)
  • Top Ten Finalist, Erma Bombeck Humor Writing Competition
  • Two-time Pushcart Prize Nominee but One-time Wife
  • Twelfth Mom
Small Bike, Big Trip, Long Marriage

Jennifer D. Munro is an author, freelance editor, humorist, and backseat biker and navigator.

She likes her martinis strong, her clothes loose, her men unconventional, and her books indecorous in content but correct in the Mother Tongue-in-Cheek.

Her essays and stories have appeared in 80 publications, including Salon; Full Grown People; Listen to Your Mother; Brain, Child; Best American Erotica; Literary Mama; and Seal press anthologies like The Bigger the Better the Tighter the Sweater: 21 Funny Women on Beauty and Body Image. Whether fiction or nonfiction, J.D. offers a candid, often humorous exploration of sex and the sexes, with a quirky take on women’s issues such as body image, infertility, gender roles, motherhood, and marriage.

J.D.’s offbeat, literary fiction about sex is collected in The Erotica Writer’s Husband & Other Stories. Her collection of darkly fantastic fiction, The Strangler Fig: Stories, reimagines classics such as Dorian Gray, Helen of Troy, and The Yellow Wallpaper. She publishes m/m romance under a pseudonym.


She navigated from the back seat of a motorcycle on a 10,000-mile cross-country road trip, and she also navigated the foster care system as she became the twelfth mother but first “forever mom” to a challenging six-year-old boy. She brings her characteristic humor and irreverence to this new role and to her writing about her unconventional family.

J.D. grew up in Hawaii as a fourth-generation islander but now lives in Seattle. Although her grandfather slept through the bombing of Pearl Harbor not far from his bedroom window, she’s an insomniac who writes when she can’t sleep. From their Honolulu rooftop, her newlywed parents admired a spectacular false sunset produced by a nuclear bomb test. A microscopic egg that became J.D. bathed in this toxic glow, which might account for her unique perception of the world.

J.D's Favorite Passenger
J.D’s Favorite Passenger

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