Cast of Characters

Wherein for the Benefit of the Uninitiated, the Author keeps a Running List of those Souls who have Frequented this Blog (rather like a Bar Tab)

Behold Ye Little Monster!

“Ben” or LM: The Little Monkey, Little Man, Little Martian. Once the Little Monster, a nickname that my son loves. So named for a variety of reasons. One, it was true (though not so much, anymore). Two, I don’t use his real name or his photo on the blog, and for my earliest post about him, I used his Halloween picture. Thus the Little Monster was born. I asked him at one time if he’d like a different nickname, but he refused. I’m sure that will change as he gets older; for one thing, he’s not so little, anymore!

Me: LM’s twelfth mother but first Forever-Mom.

MIM: The Man I Married over a quarter-century ago. He reinvents himself every few years, so it’s like I’ve been married as often as Liz Taylor, but without the nice jewels.

Kansas: My favorite sister-in-law (she’s the only one who lives nearby). I fondly call her my brother’s Kansas Picture Bride, but he really did meet and fall in love with her before trundling her in her buckwagon from Kansas to the Pacific Northwest. Actually, he trundled her cat in his truck. She flew. Smart lady.

The Agitator. My big bro, who had the good sense to marry Kansas. He can stir things up, or, like a washing machine, he can get the scum out.

Reno: Another great sister-in-law, but she lives far away. Guess where?

Sister-Out-Law: She married MIM’s brother, but rather than in-laws, we call ourselves out-laws.

Tutu: Hawaiian for Grandmother. She has been the champ of champs with the Little Monster.

The Barage: Not a person, but a place with a great deal of character. MIM’s half garage/half bar, where the cider-making magic happens (when it’s not happening in my kitchen, laundry room, or bathtub).

2 thoughts on “Cast of Characters

  1. love the outlaw terminology. it’s what i call my man’s biological mom (he has an adoptive mom but lives near his bio mom since he met her at age 25) and i started using “outlaw” on her because we aren’t married yet, and because she doesn’t do anything by the rules. she embraced the name fully, and i doubt she will want to change it when we do get married. i have been inhaling your blog for the last week or so, since i read your post on the full grown people blog, and just loving your take on things. then i clicked over here and saw outlaw, and figured i should actually comment and let you know i was lurking!

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