Airing Out a Quarter-Century Marriage

Last Valentine’s Day, the Man I Married and I celebrated the 25th anniversary of our engagement, when MIM put my own ring—inherited from my grandmother—on my finger while we camped in a borrowed tent on a free beach. To celebrate the quarter-century millstone, I mean milestone, we foisted the Little Monster off for a night onto The Agitator and Kansas (my brother and his wife). MIM and I hadn’t had a night together without the Little Monster in almost three years, when his Ohio grandparents watched him while MIM and I had a wild and woolly night in Toledo after an Ohio Turnpike scenic drive (the same scene for the entire length of Ohio). Unlike in Seattle, where you can’t throw a hemp grocery tote without hitting a Prius (although it’s usually a Prius hitting a pedestrian, since nobody can hear them coming as they make forays to purchase medical marijuana or hunt for mushrooms), we saw exactly one Prius, a vintage model, the entire cross-state trip and back. Other than that observation, much of that weekend is a pleasant blank, as Toledo and the Turnpike tend to be.Read More »

The Secret Sauce of Marriage

I was the guest At Large columnist for the Ballard News Tribune in June. My columns are an extension of Straight-No-Chaser Mom, but with more local flavor.

Miniature Ships, Grand Stories, while ostensibly about a local museum exhibit, is really about my Norweirdish ancestry and how I might possibly take after my spirited great-grandmother.

The Secret Sauce of Marriage is about my 25th wedding anniversary (I’ll be posting more on that later). If you don’t want to click over to the Ballard News Tribune, although there’s plenty of good stuff over there, below is the column in full. For your added benefit, I’ve added a photo of the man who gave MIM the recipe for the Secret Sauce of Marriage.Read More »